Brainsoup is Served!

The Debut Album by Uberkaboom is here and ready for release on the 29th July 2013. Available on CD and Download from Metric Acorn Records are Proud to Present……


Its a Brain scrambling mix of debauched rock n roll ,ska tinged, pumped up weirdness and good time banging party mayhem.

Capturing the energy and excitement of the famous Uberkaboom Live show with a star studded plethora of guest musicians and performers on every track to take Tom Mansi ,Paul White and James Johnston’s insane imaginary friend style ravings and make them whole, real ,loud and proud living explorations into madness ,psychosis , wild dangerous, women ,sex with robots and the darker stranger recesses’ of their tiny little minds.

Uberkaboom will be officially launching the Album at the Resistance Gallery on July 25th with special guests, sexbots, merchandise and advanced pre release copies available for purchase.

Uberkaboom Album Mastering

There truly isn’t anything as terrifying and as ultimately satisfying as having your album mastered! Especially when its by one of the greatest mastering engineers of all time in one of the worlds great studios (Ray Staff at Air Studios). The whole experience is further ramped up somewhat when said legendary mastering engineer casually tells you he is taking a break from remastering Bowie’s first 6 albums (which he originally mastered by the way) and that he just finished redoing Ziggy!

so little sick in the mouth over and panic attack completed , after the realization that your album consists of songs about sex with robots, dancing plagues and mental health issues and its down to work!

It is hard to describe what its like hearing your own music being cooked up good by a bonifide 3 star genius chef with the medals (and grammys) to prove it! There is almost a sense of sadness for me because you know that you will never hear your record sound as good as it does right there right then (unless you happen to have a pair of 20 grand speakers in an acoustically perfect environment). There is a great story about Scott Walker listening back to his album for the 1st and last time as he wouldn’t listen to it in any other way (also i think the Ordeal of making records like that might have something to do with that) and wanted to remember it like that.

Now this being said people , the incredible Mr Staff really pulled out the stops (and some of that pesky 170hz) and gave our crazy album some fantastic treatment! It sounds Amazing and not just on his system i mean in my car, on my MP3 on cd, everywhere! We can’t wait to let you hear it in its full retard strength half mad half insane pumped up glory!

Prepare yourselves good citizen’s Uberkaboom’s first album is nearly here.


Automaton single is out now!

We are happy to announce that the “Automaton (I Am Not)” single has been released today, the 11.11.11 at 11.11 and is now available on all major digital stores!

Check out the video and hit the stores today….

Automaton (I Am Not) - Single - Uberkaboom

We are also having the single launch at the Wheelbarrow tonight and will be selling T Shirts there for 8GBP including exclusive FREE download codes of the single.